The EAL area of additional needs aims to provide pupils the opportunity to improve and acquire a fluent, flexible use of the English language. This enables them to maximise their potential and achieve in across all curriculum areas as well as in everyday life for social purpose. Classroom activities are carefully structured and planned to ensure that all students are able to participate in lessons. EAL interventions classes and one-to-one work is put in place for pupils with limited English as well as offering ESOL qualification as an option at KS4.

Aims of the EAL Department

  •  To provide our EAL learners with a safe, welcoming, nurturing environment where they are accepted, valued and encouraged to participate.
  • To support new arrivals/EAL to establish positive relationships with both peers and adults by integrating them into the Academy both socially and academically.
  • To be proactive in removing barriers that stand in the way of our EAL pupils learning and success.
  • To meet our responsibilities to our EAL pupils by ensuring their equal access to the National Curriculum (and other education opportunities) and the achievement of their education potential.


On admission an Initial assessment for new arrival is carried out by the Lead Teacher of EAL. They are assessed for their speaking, listening, reading, writing and numeracy ability. The summary of assessment is collated and sent to relevant teaching staff and Learning Leaders enabling them to generate a timetable according to the pupils’ needs and levels. Further interventions are provided for learners according to pupil’s ability.  Progress of new arrivals and other EAL pupils is monitored in line with the assessment policy for the Academy and additional support is put in place where necessary.  

Provision at Key Stage 3

Language classes are provided to support their English development for pupils with little or no previous exposure to English. The classes cover real-life topics which enables pupils to use the language in a meaningful context. The classes also focus on cross curricular areas such as Sport, Environment, History, and Geography which links to topics and language covered in KS3 lessons. Pupils participate through various personalised activities such as pair and group work, reading comprehension and developing writing skills.

Provision at Key Stage 4

The aim of KS4 provision is to improve all language skills, provide access and support to other curriculum areas to maximise pupil’s potential in achieving GCSEs.

ESOL for Schools and ASDAN are offered for early stage learners working at Step 1 to Level 1. These courses are structured to enable pupils to develop their speaking, listening, reading, writing and ICT skill and work towards a recognised qualification.

Extra-Curricular Activities

At the Academy we want EAL pupils to integrate socially and academically. We provide a lunch time club for pupils to improve their reading skills using the Lexia Reading programme or use the computers for homework in a designated supervised area. The library is also available every lunch time where they can read books or use the computers. 

International Coffee Morning

A lovely way to start Monday with our International New Arrivals Parents Coffee Morning! A great chance for our parents to meet and talk together with our fantastic Additional Needs EAL team! Thank you Mrs Ahmed.