Aspire Pathway

Aspire pathway is designed so that our young people with significant additional needs, can and will succeed at The Oldham Academy North – with specialised support and a tailored curriculum.

This pathway is designed in line with the new SEND code of practice and will:

  • Have the needs and progress of the students at the heart of everything we strive to achieve;
  • Ensure consistency of approach across all subject areas;
  • Support students by reducing barriers to learning. It should equip and empower our students in core learning skills and routines;
  • Provide strategies that help our students integrate into the demanding Academy environment;
  • Improve attainment and participation in learning through carefully planned and delivered sessions.

Aspire Concept

The Aspire pathway lessons will be driven through literacy with a Humanities based,  enquiry question focus. To ensure the pupils are given the best opportunity to make rapid progress during the curriculum allows pupils to build their knowledge and apply it to a high order question through innovative teaching and learning strategies. This will encourage pupil led, active learning and explicitly supported literacy. The enquiry question focus allows pupils to draw on their knowledge and demonstrate their understanding of the big picture and links to life. The ASDAN - Key Skills Award is also delivered once a week to each year group. 

Key Steps Award

Key Steps is designed by ASDAN and leads towards an award at the end of the programme - The Key Steps Award. Each week students will take on a new PERSONAL CHALLENGE that supports independent planning and learning skills. Students will build their own portfolio throughout the year and can lead to further ASDAN qualifications.

More information regarding Key Steps can be found at: